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GlidePath works to incorporate community feedback into our project siting and design process. If you have questions about the project, please contact us.


Cavalier Location Web.png

The project site is located in Dewitt, Dinwiddie County, VA off Wheelers Pond Road. 


Cavalier Solar + Storage will be built on about 100 acres of a 150-acre parcel of land, leaving natural wooded areas intact. The solar panels and battery containers will have a low profile and minimal impact on the landscape.

Proposed Site Plan

The Cavalier Solar + Storage facility will be comprised of ground-mounted photovoltaic panels as well as lithium ion battery modules housed within 3-4 storage containers. The maximum height of the solar arrays would be approximately 10 feet. The battery containers will be approximately 53’ long by 8’ wide and 10’ high. The project would be shielded from view by perimeter fencing and landscaping. 

The project would be remotely monitored at all times and equipped with a state-of-the-art control systems.


A Battery Management System (BMS) would monitor voltage, temperature, current and other data at each battery cell. The BMS would shut down and electrically isolate any battery that exceeded normal operating limits, ensuring safe operation of the facility.

Additionally, stabilized gravel access roads and perimeter fencing would be provided. New landscaping would be included and would be designed to screen the proposed project facilities.

Cavalier layout.png

Detail of proposed site plan

Common Concerns

Cavalier Solar + Storage has been designed to minimize impacts to the local community. Based on local ordinances and our experience building energy storage projects across the United States, we have included the following elements in our proposed plan:

  • Land use - located on cleared sections of private land, the project will preserve existing woodlands. 

  • Redundant safety systems - 24/7 monitoring, advanced battery management system and automated fire suppression. 

  • Landscaping - The facility would include new landscaping to screen the equipment from view and would follow township guidelines for color scheme and plantings. 

  • No water usage - The project will use no groundwater and will require no sewer or septic system.

  • Negligible traffic impact - GlidePath would manage day-to-day site operations remotely. A small team of  technicians would visit the site an average of one day per month to maintain equipment and manage vegetation.

  • Sound - Sound levels will be similar to the existing electrical substation and the project will incorporate landscaping and fencing designs to further minimize sound impacts.

  • Lighting - Lighting impacts will be minimal as the facility will not have full-time staff and only use security lighting as necessary. 

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